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Jordan – Amman
Queen, Arab today newspaper complex – 5th floor #505 office

Phone Number

Mo+962 790974124 Tel: +962 65659214 Tel: +962 65659165 Fax: +962 65659213

Our team offers Global Ocean Freight services through our extensive worldwide agency networks to handle all of your import/export and cross booking requirements.
Blue Sea Shipping cover daily services for Import/Export shipments from areas all around the globe. With exclusive access to networks of high-end agents and shipping lines, we can assist with all types of inquiries, competitively and efficiently. We are proud to be recognized as one of the largest and leading global freight forwarders in Jordan, which allow us to offer competitive and cost effective inbound and outbound sea shipping services.

Please do not hesitate in Contacting

Blue Sea Shipping if you need a quotation or you would like further information about our Transport Services. Air freight, land freight and Sea freight. Inter-modal transportation has proved to be a cost-effective and an innovative solution to certain product lines with an outstanding service and delivery system to boot